Back from Vacation

Here are some annoying things since we’ve been back:
1. The shower only gets lukewarm. No explanation, all other faucets get hot and there is plenty of gas in the tank. As a consequence, I am not shaving or using conditioner. I expect to be a wooly mammoth with crispy hair in short order.
2. Baby won’t sleep until 2am. And I am no longer 19, so that is no longer fun.
3. Pretty sure the baby has lice. And so we have lice. Turns out lice are not as bad as I used to imagine. They can only live a couple of hours off the scalp, so you don’t have to burn your pillows. They don’t spread disease, so are not particularly dangerous. You only get them from head to head contact, so anyone who headbutts me in the next week will receive my passive retaliation. On the other hand: gross…and itchy.
4. Giulio ate all of the dark chocolate Toblerone from the duty free shop. In one sitting. I like dark chocolate. He likes to eat large amounts of one thing in a sitting. Are we still compatible?


One Response to “Back from Vacation”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I would take staying up until 2 am over waking up at 5:30 am sometimes. Note to self: do not headbutt Jen. I will also mail you some dark Toblerone if you want… I also cannot find the bar that I JUST BOUGHT AND ONLY HAD ONE PIECE OF SO FAR. Y’all are probably still compatible if he’ll buy more chocolate for you.

    BTW, are you kidding with the Panda vest? You are trying to make my baby cuter than she already is. Good work!!!

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